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Peach of the Month
April 2024

Sexxxi Lexi

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About Lexi

Lexi's Skills

Height: 5'10”

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Body: Tall and Curvy

Bra Size: 34C

Shoe Size: 10

- Squirting

- Toy Shows

- Girl on Girl 

- Mutual Masturbation
- Fetish & Fantasy

- Kink

Fun Facts about Lexi

Q. If you could have sex with any celebrity, who would it be?
A. If I could have sex with a celebrity…That’s a hard one to pick just one. Jason Stathem or Mark Walburg. Although I’d have to imagine both of them to be taller, but damn…it would be some amazing sex!!

Q. If you could have sex in any location in the world, where would it be?

A. Where wouldn’t I want to have sex in this amazing world?!? Paris at the Eifel Tower.  Egypt at a Pyramid.  Fiji on the beach

Q. What's something non-sexual that turns you on?
A. Two things – 1, when a man is building something, that’s HOT!! 2, When a man is doing something kind for someone else. Simple acts of kindness with nothing in return is always a turn-on. 

Q. What do you think about when you masturbate?
A. I think about past sexual experiences that were super-hot, heavy and steamy!! MMMM….it’s getting me turned on now!

Q. Where's the wildest place you've ever hooked up with someone before?
A. A phone booth at an airport.

Q. What’s your favorite drink?
A. Coffee. I am a huge coffee drinker. Brownie points for someone that brings me a Dutch Bros or Starbucks gift card. 


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